Anti COVID-19 @ Bamboo

Better Nutrition: Homemade fresh juice, healthy lunch, and yard grown vegetables

Fresh Juice

For helping our children gain better nutrition to build up their immune system to protect them from COVID-19, Bamboo International School insists to offer our children fresh homemade juice weekly.

Heathy Lunch

We offer fresh, homemade lunch for our children every day. The combination follows strictly under the instruction of the Northwest Nutrition Service.

We encourage children to make healthy choices while having lunch and snacks, help them respect food and reduce waste.

Vegetable and fruit from backyard

We plant vegetables in our backyard every spring. Then we harvest organic vegetables in our children’s plates in the whole summer.

Professional Process in Cleaning, Sanitizing and disinfect

Our teacher team is all under professional training of Protection is Better than Treatment on Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfection.

To make sure every single place is carefully cleaned, our teachers clean up and disinfect all by ourselves every day after closure.

We bleach every toy and surface with 100 ppm bleach each time after use.

Every surface, including countertop, table, door handles, bathroom sink area, toilets, trash can, etc. are bleached with 600 ppm bleach every day after the close, to kill almost all the bacterias and viruses.

Water bottles children left at school are all dumped out and cleaned in the dishwasher, and refilled water in the second morning before children arrive.

STEM class: learning what is COVID-19, how to protect us from getting infect

We talked about Germs(bacterias and viruses) in STEM lessons.

Further, we explained what is COVID-19, why should we take seriously on it. discuss how to protect ourselves and our neiboughhood from getting infect by COVID-19. We practice together how to wash hands correctly. Through this children learned that what are good hygiene habits.

ZOOM: Online Class for students staying at home

From March 16th, Bamboo International School starts to offer ON-LINE Class through ZOOM.

Parents who decided to keep their child at home can register a ZOOM account and get our material packages at our front desk. Our On-Line Class will be started on time at 10:00 am every day, please check our WeChat parent’s group to get access to our on-line Class, then children can interact with the teachers and their friends through the screen.

Outdoor Recess: More sunshine, more health

We encourage children to spend at least 2 hours per day outside no matter what the weather is.

Fresh air helps build up the sensory of children’s skin, and the healthy respiratory system. Sunshine helps us form Vitamin D, certain amount of Ultraviolet kills germs.

Even you decide to keep your child stay at home, please help them no less than 2 hours play outside every day.

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