Our front yard is well equipped with a multi functional playground; children can develop their gross motor skills through climbing, sliding, swinging, running, jumping, and balancing play, and develop the social-emotional skills from role-playing.

Being under the open sky and in close contact with the natural world is widely acknowledged as a crucial experience for young children’s learning and development. Loose parts found in natural environments, such as stones, sticks, water, sand, and mud, are inherently open-ended and can be used by young children in ways that support their constantly changing ideas and avenues of exploration (Tovey 2007). Muddy play is encouraged during outdoor exploring; our playground covers with bark chips certified by the Health Department and Children’s Department, which offers a safe condition for the muddy play.

Our side yard and backyard are well designed for natural exploring. Various species of plants grow prosperously; children can feel and observe season changes through the change of plant appearances. The large garden bed in the backyard is for children to plant vegetables and fruits in the spring and to harvest in summer and autumn, and to enjoy their hard work on their plates.

In non-pandemic years, Bamboo International School organizes field trips at least twice a year. As our traditional program, we visit Oregon Zoo in summer, and the pumpkin patch in fall. We also have some small natural walk around our neighborhood in spring. Students can be fully exposed to the nature through what they hear, see, smell and touch.