Bamboo Outdoor Liter-Art Camp

Wayne Chin’s Art Class Summer Camps at Bamboo West Union Site

Bamboo International School offers 10 weeks long summer camps for 4+ years old at Bamboo location. Children explore art with Artist Wayne Chin.

9:00-12:00Outdoor Exploration and Sketch
12:00-13:00Lunch Break
13:00-15:30Reflection and Skill Practice Indoor
15:30-17:00After Care

Week 1 – Watercolor

Learn about how to paint with watercolor starting from the basic techniques of how to sketch and prepare for the painting to how to create a detailed piece with precise control of brushwork. Throughout the camp, children will have the chance to learn about techniques like wet-on-wet, how to blend colors, underpainting, and layering. By the end of the camp, they should have completed at least 3 different paintings, as well as mastered the basics of watercolor. During break time, children may also have the chance to learn a few easy K-POP or hip-hop dances!
Materials For watercolor (provided by school, need to purchase in advance):
watercolor set- Kuretake Gansai Tambi
will be of pretty good quality and a set of either 12 or 18 should be
enough to share amongst 2-3 students.
brush size wise, these seem pretty good. the amount will depend on the
number of students though.
watercolor paper & regular printer paper for sketching –
paint palette –
a small one should be good enough. quality doesn’t matter
paper cups for water
paper towel
duct tape
and pencils & erasers! 🙂

Week 2 – Digital Art
Become acquainted with a digital art application Procreate! Learn the important tools necessary to digital as well as techniques that go into brushwork. Understand how to navigate layers and experiment with different styles of drawing in a digital program such as anime art, landscape painting, portrait painting, and simple animation. During break time, children may also have the chance to learn a few easy K-POP or hip-hop dances!
Materials for Digital Arts (provided by school, need to purchase in advance):pretty much just iPad with apple pencil (or other compatible
stylus/pens; I understand apple pencil can be pretty expensive if they
don’t already have it. there are other ipad-compatible pencil options
on amazon for a cheaper price) and the program Procreate installed. it
will probably be fine if they don’t have an iPad and instead another
(android) tablet device compatible with a pencil/stylus. In that case,
they should download ibis paint. But i’d very much prefer if they had
iPad so we can all work with the same program

Week 3 – Pen and Inking
Learn about how to create detailed art with ink/pen. We will learn about inking techniques such as hatching, cross-hatching, and stippling. Using the basic skills we learn, we will draw sceneries and buildings, as well as comics/manga! Children will study a variety of images and choose to replicate ones of their liking using the inking techniques they learn. By the end of the camp, they should be comfortable with using ink as a medium for art and know how to create detailed artworks using it.
Materials for Inking:Ink:
mixed media paper:
and pencils & erasers:)

Art class during summer camp.
To focus on the basic training of traditional drawing. Cultivate children’s knowledge and understanding of objects to discover the sense of beauty, and learn how to draw it. The class are all training with pencil techniques, because the time is short, only black and white pencil drawing (If the student have a good level, you may bring your own gouache or pastel for color study.

A Brief Introduction to the Artist

陈永雄,英文名: Wayne Chin,出生于广州市,现居住华州温哥华。陈老师自幼受父亲薰陶,酷爱美术。1978年高考进入广州市文艺中专,主攻人物画。毕业后从事专业美术工作,81年来美定居。陈老师自己系统的学习了西方绘画的理论与技法,加上多年的绘画实践,绘画技艺和画风自成一体。擅长油画、水彩、水粉和雕塑,特别是人物风景。陈老师以超逸绝伦的肖像画而久负盛名于俄州和华州画坛,曾举办多次个人画展和合展并多次获奖,有政府机关, 学校,私人机构和国内外私人等众多收藏者。

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