We offer a toddler program to children 9 months to 2 years old in our cheerful, bright CATERPILLAR ROOM.

Children were born with an innate drive to learn and explore and it becomes our responsibility to build on that natural curiosity and give them tools for learning that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Our youngest children are welcomed into an environment that is their own; we offer active and quiet areas, with a wide range of developmental opportunities, giving them different choices of materials, tactile experiences to explore. Our teachers support their daily play in a dual language immersion environment — our Chinese teacher communicate with children only in Mandarin, while our English teacher communicate with children only in English, thus children will get dual cultural thinking and bilingual ability.

Our curriculum is child-directed, growing as the child grows. Toddlers have the opportunity to enter deep exploration throughout the year focused on particular material or expressive languages such as dance, painting, clay, or light and shadow. Teachers enhance the curriculum based on careful observations and close attention to individual needs. There is a reciprocity of respect among children and caregivers. Learning occurs by providing an atmosphere of respect for toddlers as they are and supporting them as they move naturally through their days.

Routines are an important part of the learning experience to encourage children with opportunities for independence, socialization, and self-assurance. Consistent predictable days contribute to toddlers becoming confident, eager, lifelong learners. Nurturing care-giving opportunities present enriching moments for children and adults to connect, grow, and understand each other.